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Signio is led by a team of top industry professionals who bring care and professionalism to the organization.

Mike Baldzicki, Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Signio Rare & Complex, Mike Baldzicki supports the company’s comprehensive business strategy to increase brand awareness, boost perceived value and improve lines of financial services in the marketplace. He is responsible for oversight of sales & marketing to finance, client services and Specialty Pharmacy and Infusion strategies throughout the organization that drive strategic business initiatives. With more than 24+ years of experience, Mr. Baldzicki held roles in senior executive management within the specialty pharmacy supply group, pharmaceutical and biotech industry of managed markets, group purchasing organizations, specialty wholesale, and integrated delivery networks. Read More »

Mr. Baldzicki is active in the biotech community and is a Board Member for the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), Educational Board Member for Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN), Council Advisor of the Council of Strategic Healthcare Advisors (CSHA), an Advisor/Faculty member of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) for Specialty Pharmacy Advisory Group & Biosimilars Partnership Forum, NCPDP Specialty Pharmacy Stakeholder Action Group, Self-insured Institute of America (SIIA) Advisor, National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, and was 2014 Editorial Board Member for Specialty Pharmacy Times.

Mr. Baldzicki holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and a Certificate in Clinical Research Compliance and Management (CRCM). He has completed programs in leadership development at Harvard University, Brooks Group, Miller Heiman Account Management, and MD Anderson Center Cancer Courses. 

Raquel Dina, Pharm.D – Chief Program Officer

As the Chief Program Officer for Signio Rare & Complex, Raquel supports pharma manufacturers in the design and implementation of uniquely effective and efficient specialty pharmacy programs. Raquel is a practicing pharmacist with over 12 years of specialty pharmacy experience where she has been focused on driving unmatched care and support models for patients, physicians, and pharma across a broad range of specialty conditions. Read More »

Prior to joining Signio, Raquel has held a number of progressive specialty pharmacy leadership roles including Director of Clinical Affairs and Director of Quality Assurance. She also spent several years managing physician relationships and compassionate care programs for Oncology, HIV, and Fertility patients. Raquel’s expansive career in specialty pharmacy gives her the strategic and operational insights to develop and retain collaborative partnerships with pharma manufacturers.

Raquel holds a PharmD. from Western University of Health Sciences. 

Doug Albers - Executive Vice President, Strategy & Payer Relations

As Executive Vice President, Strategy & Payer Relations, Doug is dedicated to helping clients improve and expand their offerings by sharing unique insights, gathering intelligence, and formulating best practices to personalize and enhance the patient experience throughout their treatment journey. Read More »

Doug is pharma industry insider with over 20 years of experience in a multitude of sectors across the pharmaceutical landscape, including Specialty Pharmacy, Specialty Infusion, PBM/Payor Contracting, and Patient Support Services Programming and Design.

Most recently, Doug led all payor contracting efforts for a privately owned ambulatory infusion business where he successfully negotiated 31 new contracts in 12 months, including seven multi-million dollar deals withnational payors. He previously served as Chief Operating Officer for a privately owned specialty pharmacy where he led field sales, cold-chain compliance, shipping and distribution, and payor and manufacturer contracting. He secured several six-figure manufacturer programs with Fortune 500 brands, including the first in the pharmacy’s history.